A Test For Leaders.

Jesus sets the highest standards for leaders. If you can come up to his standards, you’re doing all right!
In the 17th chapter of John's gospel Jesus asks for God to glorify him. Jesus asks for God to give him the courage to be morally perfect. The courage to go to the cross. The courage to accept the sins of the world, and to pay the price out of love for all humanity.
In these actions we see God’s glory. God is not glorious for his power, or his intelligence, but for his deep, deep love.
And Jesus asks for the courage to go to the cross for the sake of the disciples (verse 9).
Then there is verse 10. Something for Christian leaders here: “All mine are yours, and yours are mine; and I have been glorified in them.”
In verse 10 I find two interesting ideas for all who aspire to lead others.
1.     Staff are not ours, but a gift from God.
Too many managers (although, thank God, not too many in World Vision) treat their staff like their own personal property.
The Christian leader knows that each member of their team is a gift from God. They belong to God, not to the leader.
How careful would you be if one of your staff were the boss’s son? Or the daughter of the Prime Minister? Or the child of Queen Elizabeth? God’s children are much more precious even than these. Treat them carefully.
2.     Leaders are glorified by their followers.
This is a tough test. But it is the only true test.
Many leaders can make fine speeches. Many have great ideas. Many have superb plans. These are not enough to be successful as a leader.
For Jesus, the measure of his success was that his disciples glorified him.
For the Christian leader the only true measure of our success, is the work of those we lead.