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Judy Beeston Bridal Party

And, Judy continues, she never altered.  She was always able to laugh at things.  Later, when the kids were born and she would be visiting me, sometimes standing for hours ironing to give me a break, we would collapse laughing at things and spend time talking and talking, about old times and new.  She encouraged me in all that I did,  affirmed me in what I was doing with the kids, and generally boosted my self esteem and confidence. There was hardly any subject that was taboo when we sat down to talk over a cup of tea.  They were great times.

She, herself, was extremely talented and so generous with her time.  She made the bridesmaids dresses at our wedding. She made all of our curtains for our first home, taking away the cheap material (which was all that we could afford at the time) and bringing it all back as beautifully made-up curtains the following week, all pressed and ready to hang.  She was a perfectionist and, as I got to know curtains in time, I realised what beautiful work she did.  In the same way, she would take home a bag of wool and bring back a beautifully made up jumper in a matter of weeks.  And, I never heard her whinge about anything.


So, you see, I was greatly blessed in my mother-in-law.  Gran was a paragon of virtue.  Isn’t that right, Gran?  I can hear her chuckle.