Recital ProgramThe South West Healthcare Ladies Auxiliary decided that an organ recital on the organ at Saint Joseph's Catholic Church, Warrnambool, would be a great fundraiser. So it turned out. Also, judging by the turnup and the response, well enjoyed by those attending.

About the Organ: Built in 1892-93 by Fincham & Hobday; renovated in 1977 under Fr Kevin O'Brien; and restored in 2006-2008 by Goldfields Pipe Organs. It has 3 manuals--Swell (enclosed) at top, Great in the middle and Choir closest, 34spst, 7c, tubpn. Gt: Sw: Ch: Ped:

The organ is above the former entrance of the church, up a stone spiral staircase on one side. The pipes are to the left and right of the console. The choir members sit behind the console. The back of the organist is visible from the pews (if you turn around!).

Beneath the Cross of Jesus

From a piano arrangement by Norman J. Clayton. My transcription features the 8' Laud Gamba stop on the Great.

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Courante from Suite No.3 by George Frederick Händel

A direct steal from my 1965 AMEB Pianoforte 6th Grade examination book. I transcribed it for the organ to feature the choir flutes, and the 8' Clarinet combined with the 2' Fifteenth on the Great. I liked the contrasting voices.

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 March No.2 from Three Fantasies by Arthur Benjamin plus a little familiar Elgar

This confection results from my lack of courage to try playing all of Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance No. 1 which sounds achievable if I'm sure no-one is actually listening! So again I raided my AMEB Pianoforte book (5th Grade this time) for this cute March. It enabled me to show off the excellent 8' Trumpet stop on the great and also to give everyone a familiar thrill with Land of Hope and Glory. I heard the audience were swaying at the end. smiley

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To God Be The Glory

This arrangement is transcribed from a Piano version by Norman J. Clayton. It shows off the Full Organ sound. A few grand chords added at the end for the benefit of showmanship.

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The Pipe Organ in Warrnambool Presbyterian Church

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Amazing Grace (Variations for Exit Music at a Funeral)    Click here


Electronic Adventures

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