As he wrote...

Most of my published and unpublished writing efforts can be found here.

  1. "Australia Day" When asked to make a speech by the Port Fairy Lions Club on Australia Day, 26th January 2014, here's how I walked the fine line.

  2. "Violence, Victims and the Divine" three days of Spiritual Reflection with the Faith and Development team of World Vision Middle East and Eastern Europe Region in October 2011. Since I owe a substantial debt to Gil Bailie for most of what I know about Girardian thinking, much of the content here is borrowed from Gil, more than a little of it word for word. I commend Gil Bailie's website here.

  3. "11 Eternal Truths of Fundraising" a paper for an elective of the same name at the Christian Management Australia Conference, 8th June 2011. This is an updated version of a paper titled "Paul, the Fundraiser".

  4. "Hunger Still in Victoria," opinion piece for The Age, December 2008.

  5. Letter to the Editor in response to comments by Gerry Harvey about "no-hopers", The Age November 2008.

  6. "Ted Engstrom" -- a short bio speech for the launch of the Engstrom Institute at the Christian Management Association Conference in Sydney, June 2008.

  7. Awarding Life Membership of Light-FM to Rob Buckingham, 29th May 2008.

  8. It's almost an article for WHEELS, never finished. June 2007.

  9. "Heroes and Religion", a discussion paper for LightFM, February 2007.

  10.  Cricketing Terrorists, is a satire, paraphrasing the words of a bigot. November 2005.

  11.  "Paul the Fundraiser", a paper based on 2 Corinthians 8-9 about the universal principles of fundraising, as exemplified by Paul, the Apostle (and fundraiser). Given at a NFP Conference in Sydney in July 2005, from work developed in Singapore in the 1980s. Please Note: A revised version of this paper is available above under the title "11 Eternal Truths of Fundraising".

  12. A discussion paper about Improving Worship through Worship Teams. For St Paul's April 2004.

  13. "Violence and Tolkien", published in The Age, Melbourne, 3rd January 2003.

  14. "Don't Believe the Fear Hearted", submitted to The Age, Melbourne, January 2003.

  15. "Worried About Meningococcal?", submitted to The Age, Melbourne, December 2002.

  16. "Surgery Happens", Journal of an unplanned visit for surgery, October 2002.

  17. "Devils in Disguise", the story of how World Vision tackled child abusers, written for Good Weekend, 11 September 2002.

  18. "Church Unity is Dead", an article for the only issue of a Christian newspaper in Melbourne, September 2002.

  19. "Waste", a rather negative assessment of a UN Conference, September 2002.

  20. "Violence and the Scapegoat" for Zadok magazine around 2001-2.

  21. "Why Cricket's Stumped", written for The Age, Melbourne. January 2002.

  22. "Borrowed Desire & Office Politics," Paper for the Spirituality, Leadership and Management Conference, Canberra, October 2001.

  23. "Why Can't We Leave Our Racism At The Door?", submitted to The Age, August 2001.

  24. "Israel and Palestine", submitted to The Age, August 2001.

  25. "The Scapegoater's Fate", published in The Age, 5th July 2001.

  26. "The Meaning of Football," published in The Age, 1st June 2001.

  27. "Myth and the Media," Paper for the Globalisation and The Media Conference, Brisbane, June 2001.

  28. "A Birthday That Looks Forward," a reflection on Australia Day, published in The Age, 12 May 2001.

  29. "The CEO as Facilitator," Summary of some thoughts on leadership. April 2001.

  30. "John Howard Doesn't Get It," article about the legacy of history on oppressed people, February 2001.

  31. "The headlines hint at the truth," article on violence and mimetic desire, January 2001

  32. "The Parting Shot," My last address to the Middle East & Eastern Europe leaders on leaving the regional Vice President role. Thanksgiving Retreat. 24th November 2000.

  33. "Farewell and Thanks - World Vision International", Notes for a speech given at a farewell function at World Vision International, October 2000.

  34. "The Stories We Tell: Television and Humanitarian Aid" A Commentary on a paper by Michael Ignatieff, through my Girardian lens. June 2000.

  35. "Rene Girard for Dummies", An attempt to summarise Rene Girard's ideas soon after reading "Violence Unveiled" by Gil Bailie. May 2000.

  36. "An Artery of Common Blood flows through Chechnya," Myth and Scapegoating in Eastern Europe. March 2000.

  37. "The Message Inside the Message," A story about inter-religious dialogue. March 2000.

  38. "The Reality of Aid: The Reality of the Politics of Power," January 2000.

  39. "A New Kind of Poverty" Presentation to the WVI Board about the Middle East and Eastern Europe Region. January 2000.

  40. "The Gospel and Russia in Chechnya", Myth and Scapegoating in Chechnya. January 2000.

  41. "A Christmas Message from Vienna" written for "Australian Christian" December 1999

  42. A letter to Dad, about Brasov and Dracula's Castle in Romania, and other Vienna stuff. November 1999

  43. "Theologically musing on peacebuilding" in response to a paper by Ken Casey, November 1999.

  44. "Thinking About Mission," during the European Summer of 1993, I had a Sabbatical at Selly Oak, Birmingham. This paper (and the later "Journeys to Justice") were the result.

  45. "Transfer or Transform" Different strategies result in different cultures.  March 1991.

  46. The Interview, in response to Dispatches March 1990

  47. Report on International Affairs Committee of World Vision International, February 1986

  48. "Dogs" - Introduction to the Perth Report of the World Vision International Bylaws Committee, February 1986

  49. "The Perth Report" of the meeting of the World Vision International Bylaws Committee, February 1986

  50. Report on a World Vision New Zealand Volunteers Conference, February 1986

  51. "Toning Up" for TV Times (in Hong Kong) on the challenge of learning Cantonese, July 1983

  52. "Queensland Road Safety Riding School" for Cycle Australia magazine, August 1975

  53. "The Commuter: Phil Hunt's Alternative" for Cycle Australia magazine, July 1975

  54. "Great Trail Riding Areas: Brisbane" for Cycle Australia magazine, April 1975

  55. "Gregg Hansford: Australia's Champion" for Cycle Australia magazine, March 1975

  56. "Climb Every Mountain" for Cycle Australia magazine, December 1974

  57. "How Good Was The Early Mach III" for Cycle Australia magazine, November 1974.