Reading:  Psalm 25: 1-10                English - Viane Chinese - Wilson

COMMENTARY   - Elizabeth

Most of life's important decisions are made when we are young.  In our late teens and early twenties many of us choose our vocation, our life's mate, and our place of residence.  God is keenly interested in these choices, as well as in the smaller ones we make, and He has promised that we can depend on the principles found in His Word.  Using these guidelines as a blueprint and seeking divine wisdom for each new decision, we can build lives that bring much happiness to us and great glory to Him.

Some people, however, refuse to seek God's direction. They prefer to do things their own way.

They are illustrated in this article from an old edition of the Sunday School Chronicle: "An architect complains that many of his clients come and ask him to design a house for them, only to indicate quickly that they have already designed it.  What they really want is the sanction of their plan, and the satisfaction of seeing him draw on paper what they have in their own minds.  In very much the same way we often go to the Great Architect of our lives.  We ask for wisdom and guidance, but we have already planned how we will build our fortune and shape our course.  It is not His way we are seeking, but His approval of ours."

If you're a young person just getting started in life, or if a major decision lies before you, consult God and His Word first.

Trust His designs before you draw up your own.  Listening to the Architect is far better than asking Him to okay the plans you've already made.

God considered you in HIS plans; be sure you consult Him in YOURS!


PRAYER (say together) Heavenly Father,

Not mine, not mine the choice, In all things great or small; Be my guide, my strength, My wisdom and my all.
In Jesus' Name we pray A-men