Reading:  Luke 24: 32                    English - Wilson Chinese - Vivien

"Did not our hearts burn within us, while he talked with us by the way."

COMMENTARY    -   Valerie

You may be familiar with the ethics of the Christian Gospel and be deeply interested in the study of the Scriptures, but it is only when the Living Christ keeps company with you daily and you are aware of His Presence, that your faith becomes a creative force and a glorious reality.

Nothing can replace those quiet moments that you spend alone with the Master. At such times you can give Him your individual attention and draw inner strength from knowing that His Spirit is seeking an ever deepening union with your spirit. With the passing years this lovely experience becomes more meaningful and enriching. But all of life cannot be lived in cloistered seclusion with the Master. You have your living to make in your business or at your trade or profession. Busy moments, demanding your time, energy and concentration compel you to cut short the time you would spend alone with your Lord.

Having met Christ in the quiet moment you will not find it difficult to allow your thoughts to dwell upon Him during those moments in a busy day when your mind is free-wheeling, and you are generally thinking of nothing in particular. Use these moments to acknowledge His Presence and you will know the joy of keeping company with Him throughout the day.


PRAYER (say together)

Help us, our Lord, to utilise every moment at our disposal to strengthen our bonds with you. In Jesus' Name We pray.  A-men.