Monday, 19th March 1984


Reading: Luke 3:21-22            English -  Vera   Chinese - Monica

Then one day, after the crowds had been baptized, Jesus himself was baptized; and as he was praying, the heavens opened, and the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove settled upon him, and a voice from heaven said, "You are my much loved Son, yes, my delight."

Commentary                                         Mr Hunt

Beginnings and endings are always special times.  In our lives, we have many new beginnings and many endings.  The day we came to join World Vision marked a beginning in each of our personal histories. For some of us, this will be a day we shall remember as a turning point - a special beginning, after which our lives were changed.  Some people may not remember such days with pleasure.  Our expectations do not always match what we discover.  Even so, if we are praying (as Jesus was), that God will use our time with World Vision as part of his purpose for our lives, then God will honour and answer those prayers.

Jesus was about to start his ministry on earth.  Before this time, he had been a simple carpenter.  Now he was about to reveal himself as the Messiah - Jesus the Christ.  Even though he was the Son of God, he was baptized just like everyone else.

Similarly, when we made our beginnings with World Vision, we started just like everyone else.  Whether we are the highest paid or the lowest paid, we all spend the first few days doing the same sort of things.

Someone has to show us the way round.  We have to get answers to questions about what World Vision is, and what World Vision does.  We have to try to remember everyone's name (is it Vera in accounts and Valerie in information resources?  Or is it the other way round?).  We have to be shown a place to sit.  We need to learn the office routines.

Today we welcome Mr Victor San to World Vision of Hong Kong.  Mr San is to be your new boss.  This marks a new beginning in his life, but also in ours.  As soon as he is ready to assume full responsibility for World Vision of Hong Kong, the staff of this organisation will be 100% Chinese.  This is an important goal which I have had in my mind even since before I arrived here.  Such a change will bring changes in many areas of our work.  New bosses have new ideas.  It will be exciting and challenging to be part of the growing experience of World Vision of Hong Kong as it matures under new leadership.

Like Jesus, we should be praying that God will always lead us to do his will as we try to be his people.


PRAYER (say together)
Heavenly Father, we thank you for leading Victor San to World Vision of Hong Kong.  We pray that you will give him a special blessing of leadership, that he may know your will and lead us to do it.
In Jesus' Name we pray.  A-men


It is hard to read this without a deep sense of irony. Mr San lasted but a few days before I informed him his services were no longer required. My only consolation, apart from the learning experience, was that I acted quickly to remedy what was clearly a poor choice. For World Vision and Mr San.