Your New Office

I checked out the Burwood East office a couple of weeks ago.
The roof is on. Almost all the windows are in. Nice big windows that take advantage of the outlook to trees and houses, and the Dandenongs in the distance.
I think the central section of the building which connects the front door through to the auditorium will have a nice feel about it.
Most of the building can be accessed easily from here. You can see up to the upper level, and natural light spills down from a big skylight. It feels spacious but not too much. There is an intimacy that will bring us closer together.
Plans are on schedule for us to move in early February 1993.
Miraculously, the building has proceeded without incident or accident. I am sure this is a blessing from God.
Let us pray for continued safety on our new site. And let us pray for those few staff for whom the new location will mean a significant change in convenience.