Carly Benedet's Song
In the last few years, Carly discovered that she and her Grandad shared a common interest in music. Their musical tastes were from different generations and Grandad showed an interest in discovering what Carly enjoyed. From time to time, Carly would write to Grandad, sending him examples of the music she enjoyed.
So here is another song, Carly would like to share with him. It's a song written by the English group, "Reef."
I hear the ocean beat upon the shore outside my room.
Calling me up from sleep to listen to her graceful tune.
She makes me feel alive, her power more than words can say.
Sends shivers through me person, clears my head to face the day.

...I pray
...The tides will rise and fall again.

I see the sun rise up into a cloudless sky of blue
Coaxing the shadows back to let the sun's light shine on through.
I feel it touch my skin, its warmth glows through right to my bones
Drifts sofrtly through my body, heats my flesh and stirs my soul.

...I pray
...the sun will surely rise today
...and I will not take for granted that what is there for me.