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Sunday School Picnic 1936

 Here is a picture of the Granville Methodist Sunday School on a picnic day in 1936. She's in the sun, 2nd back row, 3rd from the left. Mum was 19 and clearly enjoying herself.

It was about this time that Dad came back to Sydney to begin work at Babcocks and started attending Granville Methodist Church again. Mum was a vivacious and popular girl. She was always ready for fun, the first onto the back of a boy’s motorcycle. She had a reputation for being a tomboy and was more than a little bold.

Mum and Dad weren’t going together, but they were both in the choir and one night Mum came out of the kitchen with a plate of biscuits after the choir practice and stopped by Dad long enough to plant a kiss right smack on his lips. Dad had never had a girl kiss HIM before so he remembers that this was pretty special. Gob-smacked. Literally.